Need Fast Data and Telephone Connections?

Turn to us for telecommunications services

Reliable telecommunication technology is a necessity for any business. With dependable equipment, you'll be able to effectively communicate with customers and coworkers. Choose Nylund Electric to install all of your telecommunication equipment. Trust us to run data cables and telecommunication lines through your property. We can leave the final steps to your IT team or have our experts finish the job.

Arrange for installation services today.

Ensure everything is connected correctly

You won’t have to worry about any installation errors when you work with us. We’re a great option for telecommunication installations because:

  • We use top-of-the-line equipment and materials
  • We double check all of our connections
  • We can communicate with your IT team

We specialize in completing this type of work for businesses and office buildings. If you have any questions about our telecommunication services, call us today at 218-624-5706.